Hi, I am SquashCoachPhillip
and I create videos to really improve your squash.

Record of my training plan and schedule

100,000 Shot Challenge!

I no longer play squash. Due to health issues, even playing lengths games with a partner more than once every 7/10 days causes me too much pain.

Making coaching videos is fun, but I wanted something to challenge me, both physically and mentally.

My side-to-side video has always ben one of my most popular and it's also one of my favourite solo practice routines.

I had been watching some 30-day fitness challenges on YouTube and somehow the idea of combining a 30-day challenge with side-to-side entered my head.

I considered various numbers and decided upon 100,000 - that's 3,333 a day.

I did some training routines and thought it was possible.

Eventually, I made the announcement and started training more seriously.

However, as of Monday 22 April, I may have to cancel the challenge. For the last 10 days or so, I have had quite a lot of pain in my hips, which need to be replaced. I will rest for at least a few days, maybe longer and restart training and see what happens.

Even if I do have to cancel the challenge, I have enjoyed the process of training and thinking about it.