Hi, I am SquashCoachPhillip
and I create videos to really improve your squash.

The image above is of a ghosting routine I performed when I first came back into squash in 2013.

About me

I started playing tennis when I was about 11 and didn't try squash until I was 15 or 16. I then played for a few years with some friends and it wasn't until after the Guinness World Record that I began to take it more seriously.

Obviously, I was too old to really have a shot at being a professional, but I became the coach at the Wembley Squash Centre and managed to practice with plenty of professionals, including Jahangir Khan and Ross Norman.

I got a call to work with the Middlesex juniors and became the Middlesex County Coach for a number of years, this put me in touch with the regional set up and I became the London and South East Assistant Coach, to Graham Stevenson.

Around this time I heard about the Dunlop Roadshow and thought it sounded fantastic. I remember finding the organisers telephone number and calling him asking to join. He said "You have to be a Dunlop sponsored coach to join in. "So make me a Dunlop coach!" I replied. A little while later I joined my first roadshow and met Chris Clare and Jonah Barrington and was lucky enough to work with Jonah on a number of projects over a few years.

Being young and fearless I treated everybody the same and was telling Jonah what to do. Anyway, I seemed to have made a positive impression and was asked to attend all the weekends.

Eventually, I took over the running of the whole event, along with my girlfriend at the time, without whom I would certainly not have been able to do it.

By this time I was a regular coach at the Junior National Squads, working with Paul Wright, the then national coach.

During this time I was lucky enough to work with Lee Beachill, Nick Matthew, Adrian Grant, Peter Barker, James Wilstrop and Daryl Selby.

From this point, I became Squash Promotions Manager for Dunlop Slazenger and kept some coaching activities. Having missed the day-to-day coaching, I resigned from Dunlop and went back to coaching, where I ended up at the Lansdowne Club in central London as club coach.

I loved my time there, but in the autumn of 2002 I moved to Spain and started teaching English. I have always enjoyed teaching but missed the feeling of being on court and in January 2013 decided to find a way back into squash.

This website and all the other content I produce is just a hobby for me now, that's why I can't always keep up with my planned release schedule.

Social Media

YouTube: Obviously, YouTube is my main focus. In addition to posting the videos, I also post on the community section (the link can be found on my channel's homepage) where I often give exclusive trailers or teases as well as talking about production of the videos and asking for advice from readers.

Instagram: I post images, short videos and stories (some highlighted) on Instagram. Most of the videos get added to a monthly collection on YouTube. Images include promotion of my videos but also, quotes, and recaps of videos I have posted.

Facebook: Much of the content from Instagram gets reposted to Facebook. The people who use FB and IG are not always the same and some content is better suited to different platforms, so I cross-post in the hope of reaching a wider audience.

Twitter: I currently don't use Twitter that much but do cross-post some content. I don't follow many people and therefore haven't built up much of a following yet. Later in 2019, I will begin to promote my presence here more.

Types of Videos I Create

As you can see from the homepage's portfolio filters, I create a variety of styles and types of videos. They cover the 3 aspects of squash: Mental, Physical and Technical, as well as equipment reviews, simple squash tips and even a regular tour of the squash world called Beyond the Cut Line, for which by the way, I am always looking for interesting topics, so if you have any links or ideas, please let me know.

My Availablity

I am always open to new offers, collaborations and projects. I would like to spend some of my summers working with juniors at national level, any where around the world. If you are looking for somebody to join your squad coaching staff or have a project proposal, and like my style of presentation, please email me and we can discuss the details.

The 2016 Version of the Site

The version of the site you are currently viewing is the 2019 version. I have left the 2016 version online for reference. It can be viewed here: 2016 version.