I started playing tennis when I was about 11 and didn't try squash until I was 15 or 16. I then played for a few years with some friends and it wasn't until after the GUINNESS WORLD SQUASH ENDURANCE RECORD that I began to take it more seriously.

Obviously, I was too old to really have a shot at being a professional, but I became the coach at the Wembley Squash Centre and managed to practice with plenty of professionals, including Jahangir Khan and Ross Norman.

I got a call to work with the Middlesex juniors and became the Middlesex County Coach for a number of years, this put me in touch with the regional set up and I became the London and South East Assistant Coach, to Graham Stevenson.

Around this time I heard about the Dunlop Roadshow and thought it sounded fantastic. I remember finding the organisers telephone number and calling him asking to join. He said "You have to be a Dunlop sponsored coach to join in. "So make me a Dunlop coach!" I replied. A little while later I joined my first roadshow and met Chris Clare and Jonah Barrington and was lucky enough to work with Jonah on a number of projects over a few years.

Being young and fearless I treated everybody the same and was telling Jonah what to do. Anyway, I seemed to have made a positive impression and was asked to attend all the weekends.

Eventually, I took over the running of the whole event, along with my girlfriend at the time, without whom I would certainly not have been able to do it.

By this time I was a regular coach at the Junior National Squads, working with Paul Wright, the then national coach.

During this time I was lucky enough to work with Lee Beachill, Nick Matthew, Adrian Grant, Peter Barker, James Wilstrop and Daryl Selby.

From this point, I became Squash Promotions Manager for Dunlop Slazenger and kept some coaching activities. Having missed the day-to-day coaching, I resigned from Dunlop and went back to coaching, where I ended up at the Lansdowne Club in central London as club coach.

I loved my time there, but in the autumn of 2002 I moved to Spain and started teaching English. I have always enjoyed teaching but missed the feeling of being on court and in January 2013 decided to find a way back into squash.

This website and all the other content I produce is just a hobby for me now, that's why I can't always keep up with my planned release schedule.


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