Mindset Tips

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This section of the website contains mindset tips. - ideas, thougths, daily routines, processes, etc that can help you become a better squash player.

At some point in the future, I may spin this off into a separate website. If I do, then I will redirect all traffic there.


I have a number of other squash-related projects. Some are still in development. If you have a project or collaboration ideas, please contact me.

SquashCoachPhillip YouTube Channel Thumbnail
YouTube Channel

This is my main focus and contains all my videos as well as hosting the community section that acts like a blog.

Squash Tips Videos
Squash Tips Videos

Easy-to-use filter of my coaching videos.

Remote Squash Coach Thumbnail
Remote Squash Coach

Send a video of yourself playing and have it analysed by an experienced squash coach

Start Squash Thumbnail
Start Squash

Videos made for squash beginners. Includes text pages & videos.

Discover Squash Thumbnail
Discover Squash

A HUGE list of website links, plus a random button, just for fun!

SquashBall.Info Thumbnail

A website that explains and promotes the correct squash ball to use.

  • Project Que - A resource site. Coming early 2020.
  • Project Sil - A unique video presentation style. Coming early 2020.
  • Project Cap - Another specialised presentation style. Coming mid 2020.
  • Project Cha - Never waste a training session again. Coming 2020.
  • Project Eve - Turn a tagline into a habit. Coming 2020.