Hi, I am SquashCoachPhillip
and I create videos to really improve your squash.

Squash is about having fun while doing a healthy activity.

Squash For Beginners

This video series has one objective: To teach complete beginners everything they need to know to play a game of squash via concise videos.

Most videos will be under 3 minutes, some under 2 minutes. Each video will focus on one aspect. Eventually, they will cover equipment, basic technique, basic rules, scoring and tactics. I hope to release at least one video per week, sometimes two.

Episode Details

PLEASE NOTE: The episode number and title are links to each video.

Episode and Title Brief Description
EP001: About This Series A brief introduction and a summary of its objectives.
Ep002: No Silly Questions
This episodes encourages you to ask all beginner-related questions.
EP003: What is a Beginner? There is no objectively defined criteria to decided who is or isn't a beginner.
Ep004: What is Squash?
A VERY brief overview of squash. This video does not contain any rules discussion
Ep005: Why You Should Play It
This video explains the many benefits of playing squash.
Ep006: Equipment - Goggles
Eye injuries are very rare in squash, BUT you shouldn't take a chance. You don't ride a bike without a helmet, do you?
Ep007: Equipment - Shoes
With the correct shoes, you will reduce the chance of injury and move better.
Ep008: Equipment - Balls
Choose the correct ball for the situation and condition. This video briefly explains when each type of ball should be used.
Ep009: Equipment - Rackets
Rackets are often a personal choice, but some knowledge can help.
Ep010: Equipment - Clothes
Seems obvious and I suppose it is, but I'll clarify what sort of clothes you should wear.
Ep011: how to Hold the Racket
This is a fundamental element of being able to hit the ball properly. I keep it simple and useful.